june 10 & 11, 2022
19:00 to 21:00


NTTL is a seven - day project: five days of rehearsal - two shows.

NTTL is an invitation to artists from all fields to come together and work on the development of an artistic experience within five days and present the outcome in two performances. It is a collective effort and challenge to create something unique in a very short time.

NTTL can be anything, a performance piece, a concert, a film, an installation and all of these at the same time and will be presented as a durational experience to an audience. Every art form, artist, technician, promoter, etc., is welcome.

NTTL is based on his/her/their abilities and trust in others. Each participant commits to make everything possible during this week, to develop the piece and make the performance a complete success. This includes not only the artistic part but also the technical aspect and the promotion of the piece.

NTTL will evolve during the work process. Every artist brings into play what moves or is of interest to him, her or they. The input may be an idea, a movement, a musical theme, a poem, a thought, a video, an image, a stage design, etc. Personal and individual elements trigger actions from the others - a creative ping-pong.

NTTL is about action unweighted by extensive discussion.

NTTL focuses on a trajectory of creation to performance.

NTTL is not a workshop nor an improvisation.

NTTL is the creation of a full length work for an audience.

NTTL is a call to creative action. Energy is raw, tension is kept high and the artists stay alert and attentive.

NTTL's time limit forces immediacy and a sense of urgency. The work is radical, associative, swift and consistent.

NTTL was created by Christian Meyer and friends in Berlin as a reaction to sponsored art based on months of research and rehearsal that ultimately resulted in content-less and uninteresting performances.

NTTL as a counterpart wanted to be effective without lacking professionalism.

Christian brought NTTL to Sue Schroeder, Artistic Director of Core Dance where she elaborated and adapted the concept to the urgency of our times in order to take political and social action.

NTTL keeps its rawness and immediate strength and strives to connect people through art.  NTTL is meant to adapt to the different people and places where it takes place. It is an ongoing process leaving footprints on its path. 


Adam Larsen (USA)

Adam Larsen is a multi-faceted visual artist and documentary filmmaker based in North Carolina. He has designed video projections for over 200 productions in Theatre, Dance, Symphony, and Opera. Projects have ranged from intimate to extravagant and have appeared both on Broadway and in many of the major venues across the country. Adam’s documentary Neurotypical, about autism from the perspective of autistics, aired on the PBS series POV.

Aleksandrov Kirill (Ukraine)

A tanned artist straight from Mariupol. I danced on the streets of such cities as: Yalta, Donetsk, Kyiv, Odessa, Paris, Barcelona. I have been creating in Poland since 2013, working with improvisation and performance art, acting in an independent theater Scena Supernova, making videos, street art, stream art. I make perfauvideophotogenerative blends and I love my body and its intelligence.

Amanda K. Miller (USA)

first came to Germany in 1979, working at Deutsche Oper Berlin and Fabrik Rakete. In 1984, she joined Ballett Frankfurt under the direction of William Forsythe. She was a principal dancer, collaborator, and resident choreographer.

Barbora Látalová (Czech Republic)

is a freelance dancer, actor, teacher, and choreographer based in Prague. She is a graduate of the dance conservatory Duncan Centre in Prague (1997) and completed a scholarship at the Hunter College of the City University of New York in modern dance, improvisation, and dance therapy at NYU. As a dancer and performer, she is involved in projects in the Czech Republic and abroad. She is active in art-educational projects, Dance for Schools, and lecturing in The Dance Studio for Children at Prague’s dance theatre PONEC. Barbora is the main founder of the artistic group OSTRUŽINA z.s. with the goal of long-term activities in the field of dance and theatre, specializing in children and young audiences. The group also works on innovative inter-generational and community projects. 

Christian Meyer (Germany)

is a Berlin-based composer / musician / photographer. He is a prize-winning creator of scores for movies, commercials, dance theatre, concerts, and performances. He also builds sound installations and photography exhibitions.

Joshua A. Poole (USA)

With a long academic and career history as an artist and curator, Joshua Poole works both nationally and internationally to create connectivity between people, places, and art. For more than a decade, Joshua has immersed himself more deeply and purposely in the global arts community.

Juana Farfan (USA/Colombia)

Juana Farfan is an independent artist and dance educator based in Atlanta, Georgia, originally from Bogota, Colombia. She has been creating and performing in the Atlanta dance community since 2002, as well as being an arts curriculum integration and dance teacher in grades K-12.

Katarzyna Pastuszak (Poland)

Doctor of Arts, dancer, performer, director, and Artistic Director of Amareya Theatre & Guests (Gdańsk), president of Amareya Art Association; theatre and dance researcher, Adjunct Professor in the Centre for Environmental and Minority Policy Studies (CEMiPoS); academic teacher (University of Gdańsk); dance and theatre pedagogue.

Keith Hennessy (USA/Canada)

Keith Hennessy, MFA, Ph.D., is a dancer, writer, healer, teacher, and affordable housing activist. Raised in Atikameksheng Anishnawbek territory in Canada, he has lived in Yelamu/ San Francisco since 1982. Hennessy’s work is interdisciplinary and experimental, motivated by anti-racist, queer-feminist, and decolonial movements. With a focus on the poetics and politics of relationships, Keith prioritizes collaborations across lines of identity and power. His work has been presented by Impulstanz/ Vienna, Black Box/ Oslo, SNDO / Amsterdam, Ponderosa/ Germany, and CORE/ Atlanta. Awards include Guggenheim, USArtist, and NY Bessie. Hennessy directs Circo Zero and was a member of Sara Mann’s Contraband.

Małgorzata Haduch (Poland)

Polish dancer, performer, improviser and choreographer, graduated at School for New Dance Development in 2004. Małgorzata identifies herself with new performative practices and currently, the central focus of her research concerns the link between the holotropic breathing method (Grof) and creativity in dance. For many years she has worked with live music in the improvisation field as well as created several dance performances, among others Whisper in my Eye (2015) produced by Centro de Las Artes de San Luis Potosi in Mexico and “Zona Sgura” produced by the Art Station Foundation in 2009.

Maya Gelfman (Israel)

is a multidisciplinary artist, working at the seam between painting, installation, and public art. She examines the impact of trauma and how the existential human struggle against external forces is essentially an internal one. In 2009 she and her life partner, Roie Avidan, founded Mind the Heart! Project, a street-art and public-art endeavor that promotes mindfulness through site-specific installations, performances, and interactions.

Natalia Chylińska (Poland)

an interdisciplinary artist (performance, physical theater, music, white voice singing, paper collage), member of Amareya Theatre & Guests, vice-president of Amareya Art Association; member of “Kalejdoskop. Trójmiejska NieSzkoła Demokratyczna” (Kaleidoscope. Democratic NonSchool) community.

Roie Avidan (Israel)

is a visual poet. His main mediums are photography, poetry, and public art. He studied physical mindfulness at the Grinberg Method School (2001-2003) and much of his practice, in all mediums, is rooted in that. In 2009 he and his life partner, Maya Gelfman, founded Mind the Heart! Project, a street-art and public-art endeavor that promotes mindfulness through site-specific installations, performances and interactions.

Sarah Turquety (France)

lives and works as a poet, performer, and community activist in St Michel de Vax, France. She creates situations of observation to seek a tipping point and is attached to singular languages, to their additions forming a common, to name the unspeakable. Her recent 3 performances involve bodies and language in communities.

Sue Schroeder (USA)

In over 40 years of work in the arts, Sue Schroeder has created more than 110 original dance works for theaters, museums, green spaces, architectural works, and water environments. Her work has appeared throughout the United States and internationally including Mexico, Israel, France, Germany, Poland, Georgia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Iceland, United Kingdom, Sweden, Canada, Guatemala, and Hungary. Schroeder’s multidisciplinary vision has led to collaborations with major voices in dance, music, spoken word, visual arts, and design.

Additionally, Schroeder is recognized as an Arts Activist and Mentor and the Founding Artistic Director of Core Dance. As a contemporary Dance Maker, Schroeder focuses on the creative process, movement research & exploration, using dance-making as a catalyst for social change. Schroeder acts as the Founding Director of Creativity for roza - Centre for International and Interdisciplinary Art and Cooperation.